Who We Are

The Actualise Collective is a group of counsellors and psychotherapists who fundamentally believe that everyone should have access to therapy, and that therapy can help anyone, regardless of age, sex, gender, religion, physical ability, race, or ability to pay. It is our aim to make psychological therapies more easily available to everyone, to promote interest in therapy, and to do everything we can to inform people about what therapy is and how it works. We are all qualified therapists and come from a person centred and experiential background. In addition, some of us have broadened our approach to include Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and other therapeutic methods.

We do charge fees but we passionately believe that lack of money should not be a barrier to people. We offer discounts, but ask that all clients make a contribution towards their therapy that they feel they can afford.

Contact us on: info@actualise-collective.org.uk



Len Northfield has many years experience working in business in the public and private sector. He brings his own lived experience of dealing with mental health issues to his practice.

Len’s particular area of interest is in helping people who are struggling with the effects of trauma, historical and current, as well as the long term effects of therapy on Clients. Len is Registered with the BACP.

Phone – 07867 473250

Len offers online counselling via PlusGuidance



Marion Lang is a BACP Registered therapist and the mother of three young boys. Her life journey has given her tremendous insight into the joys and heartbreak that comes with being a human.

Phone – 07786 473656



Katie Miller-Cole is a qualified, BACP registered therapist and is currently working on a research Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has a broad range of experience but has a particular interest in addictions and also works facilitating inpatient group therapy in this area.

Katie’s time as both therapist and client has confirmed her belief that having a safe, accepting place to explore our experiences of life and ourselves can really help us become clearer about any changes we want to make.

Phone – 07950 601446



Antonia Higgins is a COSCA registered counsellor, mother and martial arts enthusiast. Her own experiences of counselling were life changing and empowered her to learn how to help other people in the same way. She never underestimates how hard taking that first courageous step can be.

Phone – 07840 948593

Antonia offers online counselling via PlusGuidance


The Power of Possibility

Our Beliefs

All of the counsellors and therapists who work with the Actualise Collective share the same vision. This can be encapsulated in the following 'belief statements':

Each person is unique. Their experience of life is unique and their journey is unique.
Everyone views life through the prism of their own experience. This may be positive or it may be negative, but it is not set in stone. Everyone can change.
Every living organism has the right to exist. This right contains responsibilities as well as benefits. Responsibilities to oneself, to others, and to the planet as a whole.

Pain and suffering is common to humanity, whilst each person’s pain and suffering is unique. We believe it is our wounds that connect us, as humans. It is our own experience of pain that allows us to share the pain of another.
Every person has a natural tendency towards growth, this is called ‘the actualising tendency’. Our mission is to help our clients grow.
We contain within us such possibility, such potential. Not all of it can be realised, but much of it can.


Everyone struggles, it's part of living. But you don't have to struggle alone, at the Actualise Collective we will give you a space to explore your emotions safely and with support, so you can live the life you want.

Embrace the journey.


The Actualise Collective have therapists across central Scotland and beyond, though the bulk of our work is done in the Glasgow and Lanarkshire areas.

We believe in potential and possibility. And we believe in each person's freedom to choose.


People spend so much time doing and very little just being.

If we take the time we can come to recognise who we really are. If we accept ourselves as we really are, then we can begin to grow and change. We can learn to be.